I spent the morning making these incredible bars. I’m not really a huge date fan (hate the way they look! I know…weird!), but a few pulses in the Vitamix, and they change texture and make for a perfect base for these bars. Throw in some Bare Blends whey protein and you’ve got a great protein […]

To share with you some daily inspiration, this post includes a weekly roundup of my favorite breakfasts, as seen on Instagram. This week’s gluten-free, dairy free and added sugar free roundup includes lavender layered chia parfait, gluten free pancakes, maple-raspberry puree, blueberry smoothie bowl, avocado toast (it just doesn’t get old!), and more. Berry Chia […]

There is nothing Australia’s much-loved celebrity chef and host of My Kitchen Rules, Pete Evans, loves more than to nourish his body with healthy, fresh food. Food that in addition to being delicious, also leaves you feeling awesome by providing all of the most imperative nutrients and side-stepping bad fats and empty carbs. In The […]

Paleo Every Day is a book that makes it easy to revolutionize the way you cook and eat; a book that inspires you to create delightful meals that appeal to you and look fantastic! In Paleo Every Day, Pete Evans shares with us his favourite healthy recipes, recipes for good vitality. Inspired by a ‘paleo’ […]

Past the store shelves lined with less-than-healthy processed foods,hundreds of healthy food options are waiting to be picked up and put in your shopping cart. They span every food group, from veggies and fruits to grains, dairy, and healthy fats. Below are 26 favourites when it comes to super foods, each letter of the alphabet representing […]

There is a way to enjoy all the flavours we all religiously love from buffalo wings without all the added fat. Try these wholesome and delicious buffalo chicken lettuce wraps and you’ll see what I mean. Wrapped up in a crisp, crunchy lettuce leaf, or served over a bed of chopped greens, this chicken will […]

Pudding? For breakfast? Sounds like a dream come true! Just make sure yours is made out of Chia seeds. Chia seeds have found themselves in the health limelight in the latter years. Packed with omegas, potassium, fiber, and magnesium, Chia seeds are great for boosting energy, improving endurance, and have been known to help regulate digestion. You’ve […]

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As normal human beings, we tend to anticipate the future with sometimes scary predictions that may not, and mostly don’t necessarily have any basis in truth. In principle, anxiety is apprehension over an upcoming event; physical and emotional responses to perceived dangers. Symptoms, for example chronic worrying and hot flushes are red alerts that your […]

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A piping-hot bowl of warm, nourishing soup sure is a comforting way to end your day. Using a crock pot, you can prepare a delicious, homemade meal in a bowl. Healthy soup and stew recipes use fiber-packed vegetables, flavorful spices and lean meats to create hearty meals that will warm you up and leave you […]

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These so-called healthy habits might actually be causing more problems than they solve. The truth is, getting healthy can be an unnerving subject. This is principally true when unrealistic goals lead to a sense of failure. The best plan is to strive for long-term, attainable change. By making small adjustments and changes to your daily routine, getting healthy becomes natural […]