• Tired of drinking the same boring, bland tasting proteins shakes? We’ve all been where we fall in love with a brand new smoothie recipe, stock up our kitchen with all the ingredients and you make it day in day out becauseyou love the flavor, gives you boost and is easy to make.  However, after a while,you start getting sick of your regular smoothie routine. However great it is having a favorite go-to recipe at all times, it also gets really monotonous.
    Whether eating to slim down, bulk up, or just maintain your fantastic body, your nutrition regimen probably comprises of a protein shake or two. This is because protein is an essential macro-nutrient for the building and maintenance of lean muscle mass!
    Stop choking down the same plain-Jane shakes! Here’s how to add some flavor and texture to your daily dose of protein powder!
    Plant-based protein inspirations
    Which plant-based foods taste great in a and smoothie make excellent sources of protein?  Here are a few favorites:
    Hemp seeds
    Almonds/almond butter
    Sacha Inchi seeds (SaviSeeds)
    Pumpkin Seeds
    Vega One, or other plant-based protein powders

    Healthy fats
    Now that you are armed with some great ideas for some plant-based protein smoothie ingredient ideas, next we add essential fatty acids. Since our bodies cannot produce them, they are a crucial addition to our diet. Here are some great healthy fat options to add to your smoothie:
    Chia seeds
    Ground flaxseeds
    Nut butters

    Extra nutrition booster
    With the flavor and the great nutritional benefits they offer, the next few ingredients pack quite a nutritional punch and make a great addition to our smoothies.
    Berries (antioxidant support)
    Turmeric (inflammation support)
    Cayenne (circulation)
    Lemon (alkaline-forming)
    Ginger (digestive support)
    Depending on your caloric, taste preferences and macronutrient, you can tweak the recipes. Don’t be afraid to improvise!
    Shake it up!

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