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So quick, so tasty and so good for your overall digestion.

What makes it inflammatory?

Both celery, pineapple have anti-inflammatory properties and are great for people suffering with arthritis, whilst ginger has properties that are linked to inflammatory reductions in the colon.

The Green anti-Inflammatory smoothie Recipe


1 x banana, peeled (make it a frozen banana for more creaminess!)
1 x stalk of celery (washed)
1 x knuckle of fresh Ginger (skin trimming optional)
1 x cup of cubed pineapple (frozen pineapple is even better!)
3 x cups baby spinach/kale
1 x Tablespoon of chia seeds
8 x ounces of almond milk


Add all the ingredients to your blender for 30 seconds (or until smooth) starting on low, and finishing on high. Add a few blocks of ice at the end and pulse for 10 seconds.


I add Bare Blends Natural whey to increase the protein levels in this drink. I’ve tried many many proteins, and this is the cleanest, most natural form of whey on the market that I can find. Many of the wheys you see in the Body Building stores, are highly synthetic, and can make people feel bloated. This isn’t what we promote here at LCB!

Approx Nutritional Value

Calories: 249 | Protein: 6 grams | Fiber: 8 grams | Calcium: 11% DV | Iron: 3.3mg


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