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Finish your meal on a sweet note and indulge in any of these all-time favorite delicious treats from a home-style cobbler to decadent brownies for the perfect ending to your meal. From cookies to cakes, any of these decadent treats will end your meal on a very high note. This scrumptious collection of dessert recipes was made for you.

Eating clean and lean is great, but you really can’t beat a good dessert. So let’s get straight into it, and get some of these bad boys into our bellys!

The recipes in this collection are so delicious you’ll definitely be tempted to eat your desserts first. Whether it’s a pie bursting with fruit you crave or chocolate, you’ll find all the finest dessert recipes in this ultimate recipe collection.

Banana Brown Betty

You are probably wondering what a Brown Betty is. It’s like a cobbler or a bread pudding in that it contains buttery bread and sweet, spiced fruit. An especially yummy dessert is a take-off on the traditional Apple Brown Betty dessert, the Banana Brown Betty. This dessert is quick and easy to assemble, takes just 1 1/2 to 2 hours to cook in the crock pot. Just put it on to cook before you start preparing dinner to be ready to serve when you’re ready for a little something sweet after dinner. This banana-infused version can easily be made gluten-free, is soy-free, and vegan.

Poached Pears with Caramel Sauce

Poached pears in caramel sauce are an absolute winner. They’re simple and elegant on their own, exactly how I like them, but a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on top will melt the heart of even the most die-hard pie fan. Drizzling caramel over these delicately flavored poached pears makes  an already amazing dessert even better. Perfect for a dinner party as they can be made days in advance – refrigerating them in their sauce only makes them taste better!

Clean Eating Brownies

Cookies and brownies bring out the kid in all of us. Why not ensure that kid is eating something healthy!?This is a recipe for a decadent clean-eating brownies made to amaze you with how unbelievably chocolaty & irresistibly fudgy the brownie will be. It’s still a low-calorie and low-fat treat despite its deeply rich flavor! This is seriously out of this world. As with most brownies, these too are best served straight from the oven with plenty of fresh berries. A generous swirl of creamy peanut butter adds an extra layer of decadence to these unbelievably clean dark chocolate brownies.

Pumpkin Bread

The perfect pumpkin bread recipe is a delightful way to enjoy the flavor of pumpkin during fall and the holiday season. This simple recipe comes together in about three hours including prep time. Whether healthy, spiced or with added flavors like apple or

quite adaptable to different types of pumpkin puree and spice mixes. Wait until the pumpkin bread has cooled completely before drizzling with glaze or slicing.

Cooks tip; use a serrated knife to slice up. Crumbs less that way!

Chocolate Fudge

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delicious Chocolate Fudge Recipe, easy to make and very delicious. Though they aren’t lower in calories than store-bought sweets, they typically have fewer chemicals and preservatives. Key ingredients include chocolate chips, honey, vanilla, coconut milk, and sea salt. Enjoy this Perfect melt-in-the-mouth chocolate fudge; with your loved ones every time.

Brown Rice Pudding

Brown rice and milk, lightly sweetened, makes a good treat or fun breakfast. Short grain brown rice is especially good for rice pudding. This version of rice pudding uses whole-grain brown rice, cow’s milk, and low-fat coconut and plenty of raisins and cinnamon to make a slightly nutty comfort dessert.

Apple Crisp

This crispy confection is reason enough to go apple picking, having a dessert of warm baked fruit topped with a tasty crust is hard to resist. One of my favorite fall desserts growing up, Apple Crisp is one of those recipes that most people probably have on hand. Unlike a cobbler that uses a biscuit dough topping, this Apple Crisp uses apples, walnuts, spices, brown sugar, and flour topping slow cooked in the slow cooker for four hours on the low setting. A touch of apple butter keeps this dessert moist and contributes to the strong apple flavor. When you pull this dessert from the oven you will notice how wonderfully crisp and crumbly the topping will be. Enjoy!

Orange Zinger Cheesecake

This is a perfect Christmas dessert or simply an after dinner treat!  Blend the ingredients together, put them in a pan, and put the pan into the slow cooker for about three hours on high. The aroma of orange blossoms and zest will hint at how heavenly this delicate cheesecake tastes. It is beautifully sweet, creamy and tangy all at the same time. The ginger provides an extra fiery kick as well. Gingersnap cookie crumbs as well make a great-tasting base for this orange and cream cheese sensation!

Berry Cobbler

This really is a basic, yummy fruit dessert; however, what propels it into the realm of absolutely blissful deliciousness is the addition of a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt when serving. This summery dessert works just as well with frozen berries as with fresh. This is a slightly, but not overly, sweet biscuit topping, spooned in clumps over the top of sweetened blackberries. Key ingredients: Flour, Milk, Sugar, Egg, Shortening, Butter, Baking Powder, Salt, Lemon, and Blackberries. How easy is that?

Pumpkin Custard

A refreshing departure from pumpkin pie, this dessert has the same good old-fashioned flavor; everything you love about pumpkin pie but without the fuss of the crust, custards are creamy and spiced just right. Pumpkin Custard is essentially crust less pumpkin pie made with nonfat evaporated milk. It’s a cinch to prepare even on your busiest days and especially good after a hearty meal, when all you need is just a touch for the sweet tooth. If you like pumpkin pie, you should definitely try this recipe. Blend the ingredients together and fill ramekins or oven-safe jars 2/3 full. Place in a slow cooker and cook for four to six hours.

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