Paleo Every Day is a book that makes it easy to revolutionize the way you cook and eat; a book that inspires you to create delightful meals that appeal to you and look fantastic!

In Paleo Every Day, Pete Evans shares with us his favourite healthy recipes, recipes for good vitality. Inspired by a ‘paleo’ way of eating, and with two children of his own, Pete Evans knows exactly how tasking it can be to get a healthy and delicious meal on the dinner table night after night. That’s why he’s put his absolute favourite recipes together in a book, meals he prepares and cooks for his family every day. The recipes in this book feature loads of fresh veggies, sustainable seafood and meat, nuts and seeds, and free of gluten, sugar and dairy.

He shows us how to prepare lighter, healthier and better versions of your favourite breakfasts, curries, salads and burgers in addition to some delicious dairy- and gluten-free treats, such as Raspberry Mousse Cheesecakes and Young Coconut Ice Cream.

Guilt-free paleo treats include Red Velvet Cupcakes, Strawberry Bliss Balls, not to mention Blueberry and Chia Ice Cream. Paleo Every Day is filled with Pete Evans’ go-to recipes whenever he’s looking for a quick, tasty and nutritious meal to cook for his own loved ones. These meals are bound to become favourites in your home too.

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