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Experiences are greater than things.

Over the years of trying many different types of fitness regimes, such as spin classes, dieting, running, triathlon, swimming etc, the one thing that has kept me going continuously is the connection with other people who are like-minded and willing to listen to the ups and downs of life.

Therefore, if there’s one piece of advice I can give to people looking to get started with a new way of living, is connect with like minded people. Know someone who loves to blend and train at work? Speak to them. Ask them for advice. Share recipes with them. Have a cousin who lives far away, call them, and ask them for advice. The power of connecting with like-minded people can NOT be underestimated in the path to success of reaching your goals.

The power of sharing these experiences, are so powerful. It brings people together, and helps forge strong mental patterns that allow us to success with greater ease.

Do it now, reach out. Build your support ring.


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