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Blending makes eating for health, a total breeze. Take the plunge, and you won’t look back.

I had an old Kambrook blender, that I used to blend fruit into my protein shakes after a workout, but as the years went by, I realised all the recipes that I was seeing online were literally passing me by. I’m naturally lazy when it comes to food selection – if there was a Mars bar or a bunch of almond nuts I would nearly always choose the Mars bar. Why? Because it was easy.

My Kambrook eventually died one morning, and that was the sign I was waiting for. I looked online and all the signs were pointing to making the Vitamix purchase. Everyone was singing it’s praises, but I was massively put off by the price tag. How could you justify spending so much on a kitchen accessory? After much deliberation, I ended up buying the Vitamix 5200 and yes, like everyone else, I have not looked back.

So what’s changed?

I can honestly say I am eating a hell of a lot more fruit and veg (probably about 300-400% more), and am feeling the better for it. I use it about 4-5 times a day (yes, I am serious!). But one thing that I have noticed is, I am using it as a tool to prepare foods. So making almond butter, pesto, salsa verde, hummus, shakes, smoothies, juices, and of course, everyones favourite – ice cream.

The main thing that has changed, is the process of food selection has become harder. I still have the odd Mars bar or piece of chocolate, but because it’s so easy and quick to make food in the Vitamix, I tend to choose making some ice cream as opposed to feeling sluggish after having a crappy piece of Mars confectionary. We all know that stuff makes you fat, and feel sluggish! So why eat it? After eating clean and healthy, the Mars bar doesn’t seem so attractive now. It tastes metallic and artificial – which is the polar opposite of anything that comes out of the Vitamix.

Other Options

There’s a few other blenders that offer pretty much the same thing as the Vitamix, such as the Optimum. I can’t vouch for them as much as I can with a Vitamix. My advice, is get something to get you to the next point, and if the habit is forming (I will speak more about forming habits in the next few weeks) then make the big purchase.


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