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I love dips.  They are so deliciously delightful and easy to put together.  The process is usually just to throw a few ingredients in the food processor and voila, you’re done. With this scrumptious collection of hot and cold spreads perfect for any occasion, dipping into a healthy snack just got a whole lot easier. Low […]

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A piping-hot bowl of warm, nourishing soup sure is a comforting way to end your day. Using a crock pot, you can prepare a delicious, homemade meal in a bowl. Healthy soup and stew recipes use fiber-packed vegetables, flavorful spices and lean meats to create hearty meals that will warm you up and leave you […]

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These so-called healthy habits might actually be causing more problems than they solve. The truth is, getting healthy can be an unnerving subject. This is principally true when unrealistic goals lead to a sense of failure. The best plan is to strive for long-term, attainable change. By making small adjustments and changes to your daily routine, getting healthy becomes natural […]